The Moon Will Occult Mars Tomorrow Morning. Here’s How You Can See It

Happen to have crystal clear skies tomorrow early morning and dwell in the western element of North America? Then you could have a likelihood to spy a one of a kind celebration, as the waning crescent Moon occults (passes in entrance of) the earth Mars.


This is the final cosmic photobomb, as our Moon slides in entrance of Mars in the twilight dawn sky. The brilliant limb of the Moon is usually leading when the Moon is waning, indicating that Mars will disappear at the rear of the illuminated crescent Moon, and reappear alongside the dark limb.

The Moon is a 24 percent illuminated crescent through the celebration, and Mars shines at +1.two magnitude and provides a disk 5″ across. Compared with a stellar occultation where by a star abruptly winks out, planetary occultations are sluggish stately affairs.

Tuesday early morning, it will acquire the Moon about 15 seconds to entirely include Mars, and a equivalent amount of time for it to reappear.

Of training course, the two only appear close to just about every other in the sky on Tuesday early morning, as they lie alongside the same line of sight as noticed from our Earthly vantage place.

The Moon is just shy of a quarter of a million miles away or just more than 1 gentle-2nd distant, while Mars is 670 times farther, at 167 million miles or 15 gentle-minutes away.

This lunar occultation transpires in the dawn hours of Tuesday 18 February for North America.

Observers in the United States, central Canada and northern Mexico west of a line from the Good Lakes region to the Texas coastline of the Gulf of Mexico will see the occultation beneath dark skies.

A sliver of land working from New Orleans to Chicago will see a hybrid celebration, with ingress transpiring in advance of sunrise and egress transpiring soon after, while the US East Coastline and the Canadian Maritimes will see the pair close at dawn, but the true occultation transpiring soon after sunrise.

The visibility footprint for tomorrow's occultation. (Occult 4.0)The visibility footprint for tomorrow’s occultation. (Occult four.)

As of crafting this, temperature prospective clients appear to favor the western US. Retain in thoughts, you will not need a crystal crystal clear sky to perspective the occultation: just a great crystal clear perspective of Mars and the Moon.

Here is a appear at area situation for the celebration for picked towns all over the region:

moon occultation mars times universe today

Cloud cover prospects for the US Tuesday morning. (NOAA/NWS)Cloud include prospective clients for the US Tuesday early morning. (NOAA/NWS)

You can abide by the celebration either with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope. Occultations are also great gatherings to capture on video, as you can see the action unfold in authentic-time. If you are observing east of the line, do not despair you however have a shot at seeing +1st magnitude Mars in close proximity to the daytime Moon.

Speaking of which, be positive to check out for an optical illusion regarded as the ‘Coleridge Effect’ at egress. This is a phenomenon where by the close by star or earth seems to hang Proctor and Gamble-design and style involving the horns of the crescent Moon, in seeming defiance of physics.


The title arrives from Samuel Coleridge’s extensive poem Rime of the Historical Mariner and the line “1 brilliant star, just about atween the strategies (of the) horn’d Moon.”

Also maintain an eye out for Jupiter, Saturn and the ‘Anti-Mars’ the brilliant star Antares, also in the same celestial dawn scene.

The sky scene at dawn on the morning of February 18th, looking east. (Stellarium)The sky scene at dawn on the early morning of 18 February, wanting east. (Stellarium)

Mars is a primary goal of interest in 2020, as it nears a further great opposition on 13 October 2020.

This also signifies this summer is Mars mission start time, as four missions could make the journey to the Purple Earth, which include NASA’s Mars 2020 rover, ESA’s Exomars rover Rosalind Franklin, China’s initially Mars lander and orbiter, and the United Arab Emirates’ Mars Hope orbiter.

The Moon truly occults Mars five times in 2020… but the 18 February celebration is the only favourable celebration for North America.

Here in Norfolk, we have to wait around until finally the night time of 13 and 14 January 2025 to see the Moon occult Mars… just a working day prior to opposition. And stick all over until finally April 26th, 2488 Advert and head to Antarctica or southern New Zealand, and you can see the Moon occult Mars… through a complete lunar eclipse

And this is a wacky 1 we just may dwell to see: a triple emoticon grouping of Mars, Mercury and the Moon on February thirteenth 2056.

Set your alarms tomorrow early morning, and will not miss out on the ‘Great North American lunar occultation of Mars’.

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