May 21, 2022


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UFT Executive Board April 25, 2022–UFT Goes to Court Over Unfounded Suspensions by DOE

LeRoy Barr- Welcomes us.


Barr–5K walk Might 14 MCU Park Spring Convention, Teacher chief action showcase. May possibly 21 Nurse awards May 17 Better Speech and listening to May perhaps 18, virtual, Future Exec Board Might 9. DA May 25  D11 evening meal dance May possibly 6 Service provider Awards May possibly 13

Reports from Districts–

Mike Sill--Summer university postings up. Included in reaching out to persons on intent list, have to declare intent by May 15 or deemed voluntarily resigned. Will be approach for individuals on vax position way too. Ed TPA, which price 300 pounds, was inconvenient, has been eliminated. 

Mike Schirtzer–Many thanks Listen Up panel, was superior to see classroom instructors conversing to elected officers, spoke of course measurement, social emotional problems. 

Michael Mulgrew–Hopes everybody experienced and took a crack.  Nonetheless making an attempt to perform out calendar. Rough with new crew. DOE vax cards–Metropolis thinks some cards are fraudulent, taken out them from payroll. Not about vaccine, but contract. Do they have the proper to get rid of individuals from payroll? We say no. Town trying to conflate arbitration award to attain additional proper. We have taken legal motion. When DOE problems incorrect orders, we have to challenge them. Centered on OSI report. 

Pay attention Up was excellent event. Despatched out video today. Will do a lot more of that as a result of Spring. Coated class dimension and inadequate curriculum. Instructors want little ones happy, criticized faculty amenities. Received people hunting close to. 

We are heading to arbitration on 683 vacation times. Have self-assurance in grievance dept.

Next Monday is holiday. Still seeking to get feds to cease labeling colleges failures based mostly on test scores. 

Hoping to drive Biden admin on retirement safety, not only for us. Much less and fewer individuals have it. 


Q–US Background Regents June 1, only a person prototype introduced, absolutely new. Are you knowledgeable?

A–Functioning on it. International selection one particular cause students you should not graduate on time. Quite critical to have prototypes. 

Q–Members working with vax playing cards–How are we arranging to assist them? Individuals I discuss to say they’ve experienced the photographs.

A–We are reaching out to them. Have them discuss with Michael Sill. Have by now started out filing, can use far more info. 

Q–Listened to from users just returned from holiday, did not have ballots, could we lengthen deadline?

Carl Cambria--We spoke with AAA, can not promise just after deadline customers will get them. Not best to go there, but they can on Thursday and Friday amongst 9 and 5. Was only alternative that worked. Put up Business office not functioning at exact pace as final time and required supplemental time. 

Priscilla Castro–Stories that for the duration of split ARP experienced conferences, experienced paras throughout borough.  

Servia Silva–District 3, 4, 5, 6 had para party with Welfare Fund, certification, special ed. reps, lots of giveaways.

Joe Eusatch--Learners will get Shanker Scholarship Acceptance email messages tomorrow. June 7 date of scholarship. 

6:24 We are adjourned.