May 28, 2022


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Unique data creates ‘fair and robust’ online exams

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Researchers have made a new way of reinforcing “honest and sturdy” on-line tests, a review experiences.

The new approach, formulated by experts from the University of Exeter, lets examiners to deliver every pupil with a exclusive dataset through on the net assessments.

The revolutionary new approach also makes it possible for pupils to make the most of bespoke lab films, sensible worksheets—online applications that deliver quick feedback—and special details for coursework.

The researchers say their method—which immediately provides practical datasets, alongside with answers to help marking—could be used in quite a few disciplines to build the most robust on-line exams.

The conclusions are released in the Journal of Chemical Schooling.

Co-creator Dr. Alison Hill, from the College of Exeter, said the new technique would enhance the good and robust nature of online exams, for the reward of all pupils.

She says that “we want to shield our learners who choose their tests ethically, particularly on the net. This new approach presents students self-assurance that there is little incentive to collude, and so they will not be deprived as opposed to those people who may normally share answers.”

The new strategy was made by co-creator Professor Nicholas Harmer, also from Exeter. While trials were carried out for 60 unique datasets, Professor Harmer is self-confident that it could be rolled out for hundreds of particular person and exclusive tests with small further perform.

For the project, Professor Harmer wrote a programming script that products lab tools to create practical info, with some randomness so each and every dataset is distinct.

It also generates solution sets and workings, so if a university student tends to make an error, the examiner can easily see the place the scholar went improper.

Professor Harmer states that “our method enables us to produce assessments that are truthful and robust at a scale that would be difficult if just about every dataset had to be developed independently.”

Even though the most evident programs of this technique are for information-based mostly tests, the researchers say it could be utilised to produce a vast selection of distinctive assessments.

“It can produce visuals, or offer every scholar with diverse resources—for case in point in a record exam—from which they need to access exclusive conclusions,” Professor Harmer mentioned.

“This tactic could be used to any evaluation where by you want the college student to go by a rational method of analysing info.”

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Nicholas J. Harmer et al, Unique Knowledge Sets and Bespoke Laboratory Video clips: Educating and Evaluating of Experimental Approaches and Information Investigation in a Pandemic, Journal of Chemical Education (2021). DOI: 10.1021/acs.jchemed.1c00853

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