Watch the Moon Camp webinar with ESA astronauts Samantha Cristoforetti and Luca Parmitano


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The Moon Camp Obstacle 2019/2020 has concluded! Of the 450 teams that joined the obstacle this yr, the teams that made the twelve finest initiatives had the prospect to participate in a a person hour webinar with ESA astronauts Samantha Cristoforetti and Luca Parmitano.

Samantha kicked off the webinar by expressing how content and honoured she was to take section in the webinar and to fulfill all the teams just about: “It is fantastic so see so lots of shiny, good, dedicated, engaged boys and girls from about the earth […] that resolved to devote their expertise, energy, passion and curiosity to the obstacle of exploring the Moon, that is quite dear to me as an astronaut.”

Luca Parmitano chatting with college students for the duration of Moon Camp webinar

Samantha replied to concerns from all the teams that covered subject areas as various as mental overall health and black holes.

Afterwards, it was Luca’s transform to satisfy the teams’ curiosity. When a person of the teams requested Luca to explain what he would find important on a Moon Base, he explained a handful of things he felt would be important: “I would want to get in and out of the base in a reasonably rapid way, I would undoubtedly want home windows to be capable to appear outdoors […], I would undoubtedly want an work out room so that I could maintain my physique in excellent form […] while I’m on the Moon […] and also the probability to have a communal lifetime, because I would want to expend time with other crew associates.”

Luca also talked about the potential of human exploration from the technological and organic issue of watch. The much, much away potential is not known, but area explorers could adapt to resist radiation or have further palms or even a tail!

Samantha Cristoforetti chatting with college students for the duration of Moon Camp webinar

Immediately after the problem and solution session, Luca inspired the college students with these inspiring text: “It was such a massive satisfaction to see your faces, I was actually thrilled to do this. I see your smiling faces and it would make me think that the potential is going to be excellent. […] I can envision […] that you are the potential and the potential is in your palms and many thanks to you there is a large amount of hope. I appear at you men and probably I am hunting at a person of the individuals that will land on Mars a person day. I actually want to take a excellent appear at your faces, because I could be staring at the astronauts of the potential. Excellent luck and maintain rocking! Hold loving what you do and executing what you love.”

Observe the webinar below. 

ESA and the Airbus Basis would like to thank all the teams and instructors that participated for their work and fantastic work. Those who did not have the prospect to participate this yr can however join Moon Camp @Home or take section in the upcoming faculty yr edition. Keep tuned! 

The Moon Camp Obstacle is an instructional and inspirational curricular and interdisciplinary faculty venture operate by ESA and the Airbus Basis, in partnership with Autodesk.