Compilation, measurement, analysis of Internet information for the intention of understanding and optimizing web pages is known as Web Analytics. There are two categories of it: off-site and on-site web analytics. Off-site web analytics refers to the web design analysis and measurement irrespective of whether you own or maintain a website on the other hand On-site web analytics refers to the analytics which help measure a visitor’s journey once the visitor is on the website.

Log file is a point where web servers record some of their transaction; and these can be used to read a program which can help provide the data on the popularity of the website. The web statistics services also help administer the procedure of assigning a cookie to the client, which can exclusively recognize them during their visit and in subsequent visits. Cookies approval rates vary considerably between websites and may influence the feature of date collected and reported.

Freelancing web design companies mostly use log file analysis program and page tagging solutions to perform web analytics. These programs are readily available and come at cheaper rates. Log file analysis comes with many advantages over page tagging such as web servers automatically produces log files instead in page tagging client need to make website changes, unlike page tagging- log files do not require the additional DNS Lookups thus there are no outdoor server calls which can deliberate the page load speed, or result in uncounted page views.

It is imperative to introduce the web statistics for the website; it helps in measuring and analyzing the internet information which can be of business importance.

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