Which IELTS Is Better, Online Or Offline?

It is no surprise that many people are interested in going abroad for various reasons, either for study or work or for relocation. Working in better conditions and getting more money attract anyone who cannot afford to fulfil their own or their family’s needs in their own country. In brief, you may consider it a brain drain. But the question that arises here is how easy is it to reach a foreign country? Aren’t there any requirements to consider before going? Most of the people who want to go abroad, have to take the IELTS exam first. 

Candidates need to prepare themselves for the IELTS exam to meet the specific requirements, as each country has different criteria. Every country has its own conditions or requirements as per the IELTS bands score, thus in order to fulfil it, one has to opt for Complete IELTS Training Course. For preparation, first, they need to think about how they want to get trained, online or offline. Hence, choosing the right IELTS training platform is vital to achieving your goals. Looking further to discuss some of the perks of choosing IELTS online preparation:

  • No worry about timings: Most people have jobs or are busy studying from morning till evening, so it is really demanding to attend an offline IELTS class. But that does not restrict your willpower to learn. Here comes the role of online IELTS coaching, where you are flexible to join training courses with ease and comfort.
  • Receive professional guidanceWith Online IELTS training, you need not keep your queries to yourself. Don’t feel anxious when you encounter frequent failures in your initial times in any modules. Whenever you have any questions or doubts, you can surely get them cleared with the help of professional trainers present online. They will provide relevant feedback and tell you where corrections are to be made with a logical explanation. 
  • Easy to learn: One of the primary advantages of online IELTS coaching over offline IELTS coaching is obtaining all the necessary tips and tricks in the same space as they get updated continually. Trainers teach candidates how to complete their IELTS exam within a specified duration and provide them with access to the latest study material. On the contrary, an offline coaching system provides candidates with a thick fabric for a prolonged period. Experienced tutors deploy their best strategies to make you understand clearly. You will learn tricks through consistent practice.
  • AffordableYou can save on costs, not just your time. Some significant online coaching providers are much more budget-friendlier than offline trainers. You can enjoy similar benefits without spending too much.   
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  • Constant access to VideosYou can see that students are lagging behind others if they miss their class, but online training provides you with the solution to download lecture videos and watch them 24/7 for your best IELTS preparation. So even if you fail to attend any session, it will still be accessible.
  • Mock testsThe online IELTS preparation is complete only with practice with several mock test series. Therefore, you can enjoy solving as many mock tests as you need. It will help you boost your confidence as your performance gradually improves. Mock tests have a crucial role to play in your training course. They guide you towards the right direction, so you will not find yourself fretting on the actual exam day. The mock test gets you familiarized with the actual test environment. Once your test is complete, you get a clear response from your instructor.

In contrast, some students have not found e-learning worthwhile, because it is less effective for them than offline training. Here are some common reasons why they prefer offline IELTS coaching:

  • Physical engagement: The best reason for choosing an offline teaching option is that candidates love to ask questions and get them answered directly in the class. A teacher’s physical presence makes them feel more relaxed and studious. On the other hand, e-learning is a way to study while sitting at home through videos and live seminars.
  • Raises motivation and assurance: If you feel like joining one of the top-notch institutes for offline IELTS preparation, you will feel more motivated, zealous, and confident. The complete IELTS coaching will involve weekend tests for all four modules to assist you, and your teachers will scrutinize your performance. Having observed a lack of improvement in you, your instructors will help you make specific improvements by giving you one-on-one tutoring.
  • Improve your English: If you are not well-versed with the basics of the English language, don’t worry at all. Your professional trainer can completely understand your language ability and provide training from scratch, like basic sentence structure, pronunciation, and improve your grammatical understanding too. It can build a foundation for you to start practising with IELTS without any extra burden.

After discussing both sides of which IELTS option is better, it all depends on how you can manage to learn and prepare for your IELTS exam.

Nishtha is the Content Creator at BDS. She has worked with various organizations across different niches like education, IT, and accounts. Her content is quite insightful and gives great tips to follow in the present-day scenario.