Why Is Everyone So Crazy in Large Cities Like New York, Los Angeles, Boston, and Washington DC?


Sometimes I wonder how come people in big cities vote the way they do, they seem to want everyone to be taken care of, and for everyone to live in high density clustered areas called cities. They say city life is better, more abundant, more diverse, and more sharing of ideas. That may be true, but living in the city is also bad for your health, and now it’s been proven and I’m not just talking about air quality either. That’s right there are research papers which prove this, now that we have all the health and statistical information.

There was an interesting article in Scientific American Mind (March-April Issue) titled “Big City Blues – Mounting Evidence Shows How City Living Can Harm Our Mental Health,” by Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg.

Okay so, this is a rather problematic situation isn’t? It also means that when Americans are now pooling all of their tax money for universal healthcare it seems that the cities once again will get all of the juice. We already know that we tax the entire country, but most of the money is spent in the city because that’s where the big political base is, and if they don’t get more than their fair share, those politicians cannot be voted into office. This is pretty unfair to people that live in rural areas or in suburb cities.

Each area must fight for its proper representation, but the big politicians and big players in big cities have more power. And unfortunately, the utopia they are building is killing people, its stressing them out, causing the mental health issues, and overtaxing our healthcare system. The article also noted that people are more likely to get schizophrenia in the big city. This doesn’t surprise me. Not only do I believe that the social stresses of trying to keep up are challenging for a large percentage of humans, I also realize that there are other things going on.

The streets are dirty, and people are close together so they spread diseases, the flu, and their filth, how can they not? They also spread viruses and bacteria, making it challenging for people’s health, and then there is although the frequency pollution and noise all around. You can feel the energy of the city, it’s everywhere, it’s vibrating, and those molecules are bouncing around, this creates stress on biological systems, and it is inherently evolutionarily incorrect. With all of this going on, the city may not be a good place to live (may not be, well, actually to be blunt, it isn’t) and it’s certainly been proven to be unhealthy.

There’ve also been studies in the past showing that when the density increases, so does bizarre behaviors, and I’m not just talking about all the studies which have been done on rats, it’s also very apropos to people too, the two species are very similar, which is why we test our pharmaceutical drugs on rats first! All I ask is that you please consider all this and think on it because city dwellers may think they are smarter than everyone else, but in reality they are missing the point.

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