Salesforce – What is It?

Do you have a clear idea on Salesforce like what it is, or what does it do? Well, Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM software, which helps businesses to streamline all the scattered business processes and to grow in a more organised way. It is available in the market since the late 90s and with time, it is evolving and becoming one of the most comprehensive, effective and creative CRM solutions that are capable of meeting all your business requirements.

Reasons to Choose Salesforce

Here is a list of the persuasive reasons why this CRM solution is so popular these days and why it deserves your consideration and attention.

> Cloud-based

In terms of flexibility, Salesforce would offer you next level benefits. Use it from anywhere, at any time! The advanced and secure cloud infrastructure of this CRM offers to get unique cloud solutions for Marketing, Sales, Analytics and Support.

> Easily Customisable

Want to add extra fields or modules to your CRM solution depending on the business expansion? You can do all these things easily with just a simple click!

> Easy to Use

Wondering how to work with this new CRM? Well, working with Salesforce is as simple as visiting a website! Simply log in from anywhere, communicate with your colleagues, update and view customer data at any preferable time. Yes, it is that much easy to handle.

> Multitenant Platform

One of the greatest benefits of using this CRM platform is to get the latest features with seamless, automatic upgrades three times every year. All the users of Salesforce share same instance and the same infrastructure of the CRM software. This is the reason all the users get simultaneous and automatic updates on it while securing every data on it.

> Efficient Reporting

You will get powerful reporting tools available on this platform. These tools will not only help you to save money and time but will also help you to get detailed business analytics. You can customise the reports. Moreover, you will get the facilities of real-time analytics and reports along with contract management.

> AppExchange Ecosystem

This is one of the business-driven benefits that you can avail using Salesforce. You can devise as well as market your own application using it. More interestingly, you can get the access to a handful of secured, verified and useful integrations and applications built by other Salesforce users.

> Integration Options

This CRM platform offers a well-documented and robust open API with which any virtual integration is possible.

Other than all the above-mentioned key points, with Salesforce, you can get the support of a diverse community, can get the benefits of mobile CRM, which is very trending and one of the main requirements of most evolving businesses. Get a trusted Salesforce partner and start empowering your business today!

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