Your Beginner Guide To Sketching Your Thinking: Here’s Where To Start with Manuel Herrera – Easy EdTech Podcast 163

In this episode, we’ll dive into the plan sketching your considering in any issue location with educator and illustrator, Manuel Herrera. We’ll deal with the concern, “What is sketchnoting?” and go over classroom sketchnoting illustrations. You will also listen to cross-curricular connections, digital equipment and techniques to improve studying all through class activities as well as how sketchnoting connects to careers outside of the arts!

This week’s episode is titled: Your Newbie Manual To Sketching Your Considering: Here’s Where by To Start out with Manuel Herrera. All information and facts that you will listen to as we dive into this notion of sketching your thinking and sketchnoting if you are educating Math, Science Social Studies English language arts overseas language or serving to and supporting Educators in any issue spot, this episode is for you!

We are likely to unpack the concern, “What is sketchnoting?” and speak about approaches to start sketching you’re pondering with pupils and you are going to hear a heaps of solutions tons of connections to what’s presently going on with things to do in classrooms and even some ways that this link to professions even outdoors of the drawing or artwork field. So this is actually a enjoyment conversation that packs a punch in phrases of providing you some suggestions to operate with. Let’s dive into today’s episode!

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Sketchnoting Tips

  • Very first, grab a pencil and paper.
  • Following, locate connections to what you’re by now instructing.
  • Then, check out out a several electronic tools.
  • Eventually, make vocation connections.

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