Budget Bathroom Brisbane Designs

You may want to tear out your entire bathroom brisbane and start from scratch, but when you’re working on a budget you don’t always have that option. Luckily, there are changes you can make that require little to no financial investment. Below is a list of projects and suggestions that can take your tired bathroom from drab to fab.

Simple Bathroom Designs

You can do most of these projects over the weekend or even in a few hours. You might want to try some of the suggestions, even if you have the budget for a large remodel, as they can make a huge difference in how your bathroom looks.

– Get Organized – You’ll be surprised how different your bathroom will look if you eliminate clutter. Take everything off the counters, out of the cabinets, and off the floor. Your bathroom should be a clean slate. Separate your things into must haves, occasional use, and never use. Put the never use things in the trash or donate them; the occasional use things can be put in plastic bins in the cabinets; and the must haves can go in the front of the cabinet or on the counter in decorative storage containers.

– Paint – A simple solid color or a fun faux finish can give depth and character to your bathroom. You can even give your cabinets a new coat of paint or strip them and re-stain.

– Lighting – Change your lighting fixtures or add a small lamp to give your bathroom a new look. Candles can add mood lighting and scent as well.

– New Linens – Fresh new towels in fun colors are inviting and revitalizing. You can even add a new shower curtain, drapes, or a valance for a lush look.

– Switch Hardware – Unusual drawer pulls, robe hooks, and toilet paper holders can give your bathroom a luxurious, well-appointed look.

– Art – Local craft sales are great for finding wall hangings and accessories for shabby chic bathroom designs. Rustic bathrooms can benefit from a western scene and a small succulent. Use an arrangement of pint-sized mirrors to open up a half bath or powder room.

Don’t be surprised if making one change in your bathroom inspires you to start shopping for bathroom vanities or new tile. Bathroom designs that save you money can help you start saving for a full bathroom remodel.