Canada: The Federation of Childcare Workers of Quebec calls an indefinite general strike : Education International

Canada: The Federation of Childcare Workers of Quebec phone calls an indefinite standard strike

The ten,000 property daycare employees affiliated to the Centrale des syndicats du Québec (CSQ) started an indefinite standard strike on 21 September. They have been keeping rotating strikes in the areas of Quebec because 1 September and this will increase the tension.

The dilemma of wages for the training employees is at the coronary heart of the conflict. The governing administration is giving these self-used employees a subsidy of 12.83 Canadian pounds an hour (8.21 euros or nine.sixty five American pounds), whilst the union is demanding at minimum sixteen.75 Canadian pounds an hour. They now get 12.forty two Canadian pounds an hour, while this is much below the hourly Quebec least wage of thirteen.ten Canadian pounds. 


“The hole between the parties is continue to also big and the indefinite standard strike was inescapable,” claimed the chair of the Federation of Childcare Workers of Quebec (FIPEQ-CSQ), Valérie Grenon. The childcare employees have been without having work contracts because four March 2019, as the Quebec Ministry of the Loved ones has refused to acknowledge the price of their perform. “What we are inquiring for is equal to the wages been given by untrained employees in little one daycare centres,” claimed Grenon. “The Ministry of the Loved ones acknowledges that the skills of property daycare employees are equal to these in daycare centres, but he refuses to provide them the identical wages.”


Apart from wages, the FIPEQ is calling for fiscal means so that the employees can make a periodic report on the little one and the likelihood of getting on more than a single little one with exclusive wants.