June 28, 2022


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Here's What to Expect from Lifeguard Training | Guard For Life

The professional figure of the lifeguard corresponds to the person in charge of ensuring the safety of users of swimming pools, aquatic facilities and beaches.  They must prevent dangerous situations and intervene effectively in an accident or emergency situation.

The physical and technical preparation of a lifeguard is essential, to acquire the necessary skills and abilities in the performance of tasks related to rescue and lifeguarding, exercising the work of an aquatic lifeguard.

Thanks to The American Lifeguard Association for providing lifeguard training near me that helps to build up mentally strong water heroes called lifeguards. It will open the doors to the world of work within this sector. You will be able to professionally address emergency situations, as well as prevent accidents in the field of first aid.

Why is lifeguarding important?

The work of aquatic rescue professionals is not only limited to saving lives, which, on the other hand, is the main task. In another sense, in addition to fulfilling this heroic task, they are also in charge of other tasks such as raising awareness of the dangers of the aquatic environment, they are taken into account when including the regulations on the use of swimming pools or beaches, or they are responsible for the maintenance of the utensils intended for the provision of first aid. In addition, there are cases in which they must have extensive knowledge of anatomy, which allows them to avoid the aggravation of the injuries that the injured may have suffered.

If you are interested in being part of the professionals who watch over bathers and their safety, we recommend that you delve into the functions of a lifeguard on river beaches to familiarize yourself with what your professional future could be.

How to prepare to work as a Lifeguard?

An approved entity, such as to The American Lifeguard Association, can offer accreditation certificates to practice this profession. There is no official title to being a lifeguard.

The requirements  are as follows:

  • Have reached the age of 16 and have intermediate or advanced swimming knowledge.
  • Have a first aid course to be able to complement it, later, with the lifeguard course.
  • Accredit the training available, to work in swimming pools, water parks or natural pools.
  • In the case of those people who wish to work as a lifeguard in open water, it is necessary to have specific training to carry out this work on beaches and lakes.

At The American Lifeguard Association ,you have lifeguard training courses with online methodology, with which you can train, both in the theoretical and practical part. In the event that once you finish the training you agree to establish an internship agreement with our centre, contact a company where you can develop them.

This online teaching allows you to achieve better learning results due to the flexibility of schedules since you can dedicate the time you need, totally at your own pace, and carry out the training from wherever you want.

How long does the lifeguard course last?

Another question that may arise regarding this training is “how long does it take to take the lifeguard course”. In this regard, you should know that this training action can be comfortably completed in six months. You can also do it in less time.

However, if once this period has passed you need to extend it, you can contact your tutor to review your file and to be granted an extension, so that you have no problem passing the training. 

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Training as a Lifeguard

Summer is the most propitious period for hiring lifeguards, but during the rest of the year, specialized personnel are also in demand. To work as a lifeguard in covered aquatic environments, so any time is perfect to train, through updated training, always at the forefront.

Take the lifeguard training course of your choice at The American Lifeguard Association and become one of the best lifeguards! Do not miss the opportunity to get a job that meets your expectations! Lifeguard training is the key to getting a better job of lifeguarding.