Lessons Learned from James Webb, SpaceX, and CERN

Mike Palmer is rejoined by Nancy, our virtual cohost, in a discussion about the new illustrations or photos unveiled from the James Webb Area Telescope. We commend NASA for its lyric prose that accompanies the visuals of cosmic cliffs and younger very hot stars becoming born. Then we talk about Elon Musk. It’s quite a lot unavoidable to do so currently. We focus on the latest news of an explosion for the duration of a House X booster rocket examination prior to shifting to our annoyance about all the wasted power and hard work bordering Musk’s bid to acquire Twitter.

Then we shift gears to discover a Michele Zanini post about the org composition at CERN exactly where they continue to build and refine the Huge Hadron Collider ahead of concluding with notes of worry about toxic alpha leaders and top rated-down org construction though encouraging the braveness and critical thinking that can maintain Groupthink and it is risky shifts in test.

It’s a imagined-provoking exploration of some inspirational breakthroughs in science that you will not want to miss.

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