Only education can eradicate poverty – Know the relation between the two

We all know that poverty is actually defined as the condition of being poor. Nevertheless, there are various aspects of poverty as it is all about not owning enough money to meet the basic requirements like clothing, food and shelter. Poverty is lack of shelter, poverty is hunger and poverty is being sick and not being able to meet a doctor. It is also not getting access to school and education and not learning how to read. It is not having a job, living a day at a time and the fear for future.

According to the EFA Global Monitoring report, it has been seen that education can not only assist in eradicating poverty by helping people develop the skills which are required to enhance their livelihoods but it can also lead to better productivity which is something that will automatically fuel economic growth. Though it is a fact that growth doesn’t reduce poverty automatically, without growth, reduction of poverty is also not possible. If you take into account organizations like, they’ve got a rather noble way of dealing with poverty by spreading education.

As per a recent analysis which was released, it showed that for economic growth to diminish poverty, inequality has to be eradicated by enhancing the lives of the most marginalized and the poorest. Education is extremely important to achieve this kind of goal as this is the only way in which you can make sure that the advantages of economic growth are shared fairly among people. When you expand the access to education, this is not just enough. You also have to ensure equitable learning for all as this is the key to national prosperity.

Globally, over a span of 4 decades, income-per-capita would be 25% higher in a country which has got more equal education. Still now, there are lots of countries where there is inequality of education and this has to end soon so that you can find poverty being eradicated from these nations. When a skilled workforce is built, education can take a country from a single economic bracket to another. If the students in low-income nations graduated from school with basic skills in reading, this could eliminate 15% of the poverty of the world. This is essentially a huge investment.

Therefore, whenever you’re trying to deduce the relation between poverty and education, you can take into account the above mentioned information so that you can understand how education can eliminate poverty.