Students and anxiety: An everyday fight

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Anxiety is defined as a mental state that is characterized by intense fear and worries about everyday situations. For students, anxiety, unfortunately, is one of the things that characterize them. Most students never seem to overcome the battle with anxiety throughout their school days; and they even carry such mental state into their adulthood. For students who experience anxiety, a lot of things cause it. Such things may range from physical to social to psychological factors. Some of the things that cause anxiety are discussed subsequently.

Lack of self-care
Most students lack the energy to properly synchronize school activities and live a life of balance. Some of them have poor time management skills. As such, they spend all their time on school activities only to the detriment of their health. They have no time for leisure or fun. Some even have poor and unhealthy eating habits. Some fall into habits such as addiction, etc that negatively impacts them. As such, they develop serious mental and physical problems, lag in their studies, have an unhealthy fear of examinations, etc, and overall, these impede their progress in life.

Being in a school with poor facilities or the wrong teachers can also contribute to students being anxious. Thus, it is important to be sure that you are putting your kids in the right school. You should read study and education platform reviews to know the opinion of parents and students about a certain school before you allow your ward to attend the school. This will help you to know places where their processes, their management, or some of their staff do not do enough to encourage students and make them anxious instead.

Laziness is another major thing that causes anxiety in students. Most students are lazy when it comes to academics. Some spend their time on frivolous matters and end up fretting when exams are near. A lazy student cannot help being anxious because they know that they have not been serious with their studies. They have lost so many grounds in their academic journey such that there is no time to regain lost grounds. In these cases, such a student resorts to being anxious about their future. Anxious students can get help so that they stop being anxious, learn to calm down, and know how to go about their education.

Financial strains
Finances cannot be underestimated as a cause of anxiety in students. The financial state of a student’s home can give such a student serious concerns. A student who knows that their family is not financially buoyant enough to take care of all their needs cannot be in a good mental state. They can fall into a state of worry and despair. Students who also fend for themselves may fall into anxiety when they realize that their resources are very limited in funding their education and granting them a good living. 

Rejection from society
Students who face one form of rejection or the other in their immediate societies are also prone to falling into anxiety. For instance, a student who feels socially isolated from the rest of their society either because they are of a different race, they do not blend in with the crowd, they have a health or physical condition, they are of lower economic status, etc, have little or no defense against anxiety. This is because they feel out of sorts in some way and they have no social support to rely on. 

Health conditions
This is another cause of anxiety among students. A student that is not healthy enough will find it very difficult to enjoy their academics, or even cope as much as they want. To a great extent, good health determines if a student will be free from anxiety or not.

The causes mentioned above are not exhaustive. Unless a student takes conscious efforts to stop being anxious regardless of their challenges, anxiety will always be a part of students’ everyday affairs.