May 26, 2022


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What Are Top Four Courses In Canada Preferred By Students?

The Advantages Of Studying In Canada | Canada Immigration News

Canadian Universities are some of the best universities in the world solely because of the fact that they offer amazing courses. Their programs are more relevant to the real world, and so, they’re able to better prepare their students for the real world challenges. Needless to say that thousands of students from all over the world apply to these universities, but not all of them get accepted. Certainly, it’s highly competitive out there. 

But there are certain courses that are more competitive than the others. It’s quite difficult to get accepted in these courses unless you’re a brilliant student. Applying to these universities and courses is not impossible. It is no longer a privilege to study in Canada from nepal. The process is simple if you’re a good researcher. The following are a few of the highly competitive courses in Canada.

Pure Science 

Pure Science with subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, and so on is one of the most competitive courses in Canada. With a Canadian degree in one of these courses, you could easily land a job as a researcher in top companies around the world. Of course, it also depends on your intelligence and skills. Generally, the passouts in Pure Science from Canadian Universities are top notch. It’s the main reason why the degrees are so well recognized.

Applied Sciences

There is no doubt about the fact that applied sciences based courses are the most popular courses around the world and not just in Canada, since the current world is driven by technology. Different fields of engineering and technology fall under this category, and students from all over the world look to study in Canada by getting enrolled in these courses.


Canadian medical degrees are valid all over the world and mainly in the English speaking countries. These courses are not just competitive to crack but also quite expensive. Also, minimal to almost no scholarship is awarded to the candidates willing to study medicine here. Nevertheless, hundreds of candidates look to get enrolled in medical courses in Canada.

Business Management

Business Management is yet another really popular course in Canada. It’s preferred highly not just by international students but also Canadian nationals. By having a Canadian degree in Business Management, your placement in top companies in the world is inevitable. There is a wide range of courses related to Business Management. You could choose the one that interests you the most. Getting accepted might be a challenge though.

By being an early bird, and with great performance in academic and language tests, you can get enrolled in these courses in the most reputed universities in Canada. It’s certainly not impossible but keep in mind that the admission process will be challenging. To help you out in situations as such, there are educational consultancies to help you out.

 They don’t just make it easier for you to pick the right university for you that offers the course that you want to get enrolled in, but also help you through the general and scholarship application process. One of the most reliable and affordable educational consultancies in Nepal is Goreto Educational Consultancy. If you’re looking to get enrolled in such competitive courses in Canada, make sure to contact Goreto Educational Consultancy and benefit from all their services and offers.