When To Call A HVAC Professional

Our home’s heating and cooling systems, or HVAC, is the number one factor that affects our daily comfort inside the home. Just imagine going through a freezing winter without your heating system, or enduring a summer without air-conditioning. That is how important the function of a HVAC system in our homes is, but more often than not, we usually tend to ignore what the system do for us. We only realize that the system is indispensable when it begins to break down at the time we need it most.

However, we can avoid major problems with our HVAC system with a good maintenance procedures. While some of these procedures would require the services of a professional, some are simple enough to be done yourself. So before calling out for the help of a pro, check whether you can do the task yourself, and save some money in the process.

For heat pumps, the recommended maintenance schedule is a yearly service call of a technician. This maintenance procedure is aimed to check the belts and filters of the system to see if it needs replacement. Wirings will also need to be inspected, and moving parts must be properly lubricated with oil.

On the other hand, gas-fired and forced-air heating system also requires a very basic maintenance routine. During the heating seasons, furnace filters normally requires to be to be changed every one to two months. The circulating fan needs to be oiled once a year while the burner, heat exchanger, and air ducts would need to be checked by a pro at least once every two years.

For systems such as oil-based broiler, the services of a professional would be needed. Apart from the required yearly flue cleaning as well as the replacement of fuel filters, there are other tasks that can best be handled by a pro.

For an air-conditioning split system air, only a very minimal amount of maintenance work is needed. You just have to clean the filters, and replace them if needed every beginning and end of each cooling season. At the same time, you would also need to vacuum out the whole unit and lubricate the motor. A technician will be needed to check the refrigerant only if the system is not cooling properly.

Before the start of a cooling or heating season, you should ask for a service call from a pro to check on your system. This will allow the technician or pro to detect any problem with your HVAC system and fix it way ahead of the time you will have the need to use it.